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First BMW (R1100RT 96) looking for advice


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I am new to the BMWSportTouring Forum and looking for some advice regarding my newly purchased bike. I did something that I generally would not do; I bought a bike for a Bike shop in Texas sight unseen (ooops) 96 R1100RT 29,000 miles. Had the bike shipped to Florida, arrived on Thanksgiving, all excited I jumped on the bike as went for a ride, shifted into second applied the throttle and new immediately the clutch was finished.


I have ridden the bike with the bad clutch a few times and it appears that there is an additional issue, after shifting into third gear on occasion while applying power the transmission clunks, it like a micro second pause and then continues on its way. This does not happen all the time, it’s an intermittent issue.


Reading online I believe that it maybe a shifting fork or something of that nature is damaged. My plan is to pull the transmission, send it to Bruno or some other shop to have the transmission checked/repaired. Once I got it back I would replace the clutch components.


The question is, since the amount of time I have spent on any BMW is minimal, could this be anything else then the transmission, I can’t image that the bike would behave in such manner normally.. I was thinking of just replacing the clutch and seeing if the issue went away, but pulling the transmission a second time if it did not would be a real drag.


I really was not looking for a project, but I guess it is what it is. Besides the drive train issues love the way the bike handles and I am looking forward riding it.

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The 1996 production year had a problem with a scratch on the input shaft that wears out the seal and causes an oil leak that toasts the clutch. This was an infamous problem with that model year. See here and here . You might try talking to your dealer about this one, because BMW was covering it for a long time after the end of the warranty period.


As to the third gear problem, also infamous. See here and here and here.


The best thing might be to ship it off to Bruno and have it rebuilt, and put a new clutch in while it's apart.

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