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Clutch switch replacement


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Okay, I sprang for the $18.00 to get a new clutch switch.

I confrimed the old one was bad.

Removed the dash and left side tupperware to get to the wiring harness.

Located the plug connection behind the left speaker mount.

Undid a gazzilion plastic ties to get the old wire off the harness (this was a dumb move....gotta put the ties back on, and I could've left the old wire there and just tie wrapped the new one to the harness).

The big question!!!!

How do you remove the switch from the left grip? I know it's screwed in, but how do you get at that NUT! and unscrew it? dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif

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Mine died early on and it was replaced on warranty. It died again right after the warranty expired. I just pull the clutch in now. The switch seems to be a weak link.

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Then how to tighten the new one?


I used needle-nosed pliers and just did the best I could. It's been there for almost 40K miles and hasn't fallen out yet. smile.gif

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