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2002 K1200RS 4th 5th and 6th only


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My steed took a spill last weekend, falling from the center stand onto its right hand side. I did a shake down ride and everything was fine.


One day later I'm riding for 20 minutes, and now I can only downshift from 6th through 5th to 4th gear, but nothing lower--in 4th gear, there's no movement in the shift lever (which was untouched in the fall) and it feels as if the shift lever is only going though about half to a third of its travel when it bottoms out solidly.


Sound familiar to anyone out there?


Doug Parker

Clermont FL

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Nope, doesn't sound familiar at all.


The shift lever may have made contact despite initially appearing untouched. Aside from its own possible disarrangement, which comparing with another bike would confirm, energy could have been transfered through it and its linkage to the shift forks. I'd never have thought that likely, but, here we are...


Simply laying a K12RS on it's side will do nothing damaging to the transmission. Looking over its innards doesn't suggest that even a hard whack would dislodge anything.


But, it certainly appears that one or the other events has set the relationship between shift lever and shift forks askew.


I hope you find a quick and inexpensive resolution.

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Dennis Andress

Well that bites!!


With the bike on the center stand, try moving the shift lever while rocking the back wheel. Look for binding of the shift lever mechanism while you are doing that.

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