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StarSport Extended Service Coverage


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Last time I had the RT serviced I was given some infromation about extended coverage. Apparently provided by an outfit called Interstate National Dealer Services. I average 15K miles annually and plan to have this motorcycle for awhile. The cost of said coverage.. 24/mo $850 36 at $950 and 48 at $1050. The contract isn't clear regarding reimbursement for mechanical failures. The dealer wasn't responsive when I presented what-if scenerios. Has anyone had any experience with this extended service provider? Is this coverage worth the $1050?

Thank you


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Very pricey, too. I gave about $800 for four years when I bought my RT. That's $200 a year for years four thru 7 of the bike's life.


Western Service in Los Angeles spells out what they'll cover too, in a nice concise brochure.

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At 38k (just out of warranty) my starter crapped out. I had the dealer (SJBMW) call INDS (StarSport). They OKed the work immediately and said they would send a check directly to the dealer for the work. The bill was about $700 parts & labor, based on the paperwork that I got. That's my experience: pretty painless.


Would they be that agreeable and fast on a $2000 repair? I hope never to find out ...


For most people (like me) it comes down to whether you plan on keeping the bike a long time and rack up the miles. I do, so I took the gamble.



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Is this coverage worth the $1050?


I got one of these policies that takes the warranty out to 7 years from Interstate National Dealer Services of Florida, Inc. They have two "levels" of coverage, Platinum and Diamond. Diamond has more coverage. Even Diamond has two options, one for ABS brakes and another for Seals and Gaskets. The items covered are listed on the contract. Ask your dealer for a photocopy of the contract to take home and look over. BTW, my dealer gave me one particular heads-up -- that was if I needed work under the extended warranty it was imperative that I clear the work with Interstate first, so you might keep that in mind. Since my 2005 RT is and will be under BMW warranty for a while, I won't know how good these folks are until for some time, but I'd like to think that the Orlando dealer, who has been top notch so far, would not have steered me to a sleezy company for extended warranty.


I can't comment on how this coverage compares with the $800 coverage I saw posted on this thread; as I said even Interstate has different levels of coverage.


The reason I went for the extended coverage at all was that I read a post where someone had gotten the advice to think about keepting the 2005 RT for only about 3 years, and then trading. Reasoning was that these bikes are so much more complicated and computerized, they won't have the longevity of the older, simpler, BMW's that were famed for going 100,000 miles. "The new RT is not a 100,000 mile bike" was the basic message. I'd like to keep this bike a while, so the extended warranty made sense.


Is the coverage worth the price? You won't know that until the end of the coverage period and then look back. Remember what Will Rogers said about how to make money in the stock market? He said what you do is buy some stock. When it goes up, you sell it. If it doesn't go up, don't buy it.


Good luck with your decision.



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that was if I needed work under the extended warranty it was imperative that I clear the work with Interstate first,
That's normal I think, my bike is in for a new transmission and the extended warranty company insisted on photographs of the broken parts before they would say if they would cover it. That required an $1100 guarantee from me to the shop to strip down the bike to take photos and then I had an immovable bike at the shop, fortunately they decided to pay. (I have Beemercycle but I think that is only available at the time of sale now, it was more than you were quoted but is 7 years, unlimited miles, I have 96K on mine)
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Thanks boys. Your feedback is appreciated. I'll make the investment. The $1050 doesn't seem unreasonable. Especially when considering the law of probability.


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