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GIVI top trunk mount for 1150RT?

Bill Dennes

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I'd like to know how the MonoKey Givi top boxes attach to the R1150RT. That is, what's in the mount kit?


Does the kit replace the existing luggage rack or does it attach to the existing rack?


Not much luck on the GiviUSA web site.


Does anybody have a picture?



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I've got the Givi 52L box and the Givi mount replaces the center part of the existing tail rack. I don't have a picture but it is the middle square piece about 6 or 7 inches square.

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Hey Bill,


Here are a couple of pix of the Givi mount for a V46 topcase on my RT. It completely replaces the stock rack with a flat black plate, which is great for holding a bottle of wine and two glasses when the bike is on the center stand.




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