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Anyone figured out a good place to mount a CB radio antenna on the RT? I'd like to use the factory radio antenna location (no BMW radio on my bike) but I don't know what kind of CB antenna might fit there. Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated. confused.gif

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I was also thinking about mounting a small CB antenna up front where the usual AM FM antenna was to go. A small FireCreek NPG wouldn't be very obtrusive there.

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My brother made a CB bracket for my RT; it slides out for the trunk, in when the trunk is off - real trick. He might consider making more brackets if asked


Do you have a picture of the CB antenna? Web site only has the front shelf..





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I just ordered a Firestik DS14-FG. It's a NGP unit about the same size & style as the AM/FM radio anthenna that came on the bike. Looks like it will mount in the same fairing hole just fine. Probably won't give me the range as the 4' Firestik I had on the back of the old R1100RT but it'll be fine for my purposes. (I hope)

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