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R1200RT Transmission Drain and Fill Plugs


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I'm looking to change the transmission fluid on my 05 R1200RT and I thought the drain and fill plugs would be obvious... but after spending some time on my back this morning under the bike... it wasn't so obvious.


Can someone either describe the location of the drain and fill or post up a picture? I haven't purchased the factory service CD yet (I'm not actually sure the entire service CD is out yet) and I've heard that there won't be a printed service manual frown.gif




Joe West

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Remove the right side of the fairings and you`ll find em.


I assume by that you mean that they are located similarly to the 1100/1150 series? It would be nice to be able to transfer at least SOME of my accumulated (150,000 miles) 1100RT knowlege to this new beast. dopeslap.gif

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hehe... come on over this weekend and we'll do them both at the same time smile.gif



I'll have Joe Rocket come over and show me how to do it after he's done with his..we are almost neighbors.
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