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dead battery


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hey guy,s

this is a puzzle to me having fitted a new battery to my 97 rt fitted with tales for an optimiser i put the bike back together reset the abs and off on a jolly. As usual 5hrs and 250 miles later got back home parked up the bike and plugged in the optimiser. What do you know here came the cold snap and the brand new ffiamm battery with 3year guarantee went pete tong. So again i strip off the plastics and remove the battery no great deal it,s under guarantee but why do manufactureres sell goods that go wrong so easily any ideas,

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not familiar with that brand of battery or with the "optomiser" but I assume the latter is a charger. I would put a volt meter on it both with and w/o a load and make sure it isn't killing your battery. It should be putting out no more than 14.5 or so volts and if it switches to trickly charge mode that should be 13.5 or so. --Jerry

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