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How many miles or kms with a full tank?


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I am sure I've seen it somewhere in this forum, but I cannot find it.


It seems I do max 260 kms = 161 miles with a full tank mostly commuting (43 miles daily, 24 miles of those are highway with 80mph speeds) . I think it is extremely low, so I am concerned.


confused.gif Do I need to take her to the doctor? confused.gif


Thanks in advance

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My fuel guage does not work correctly, so I go by mileage when to fill up. On a full tank, I can go 250 miles before I look for a gas station. I commute everyday, 75 miles, half the trip at 80mph. I watch my tire presure regularly.

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On my commute - 2x10 miles of country roads - I get 220 miles to the reserve light. On a long ride I get 240-270 depending pn traffic conditions and use of accelleration.

I find that keeping the revs in the 'happy zone' of >4500 uses a lot more juice than using gentle accelleration between 2500-4000 rpm. How you ride has a huge effect on the fuel useage.


Cya, Andy thumbsup.gif

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40kM daily @ 90kph = 370 - 400kM on approx 23L (ie 2L left in the tank)

Have done 475kM on 24L highway with a medium load.

Indicator light usually comes on @ 370kM but I leave it go untill the last bar has disappeared for a while.


Do you need to take her to the doctor??

Well probably , but I'd find the time first for a seriously good fang to blow the bugs out. grin.gifthumbsup.gif


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Daily comute of 45km each way. Most 100 km/hr one 10 km stretch of 110 km/hr and two short 50 km/hr zones through town (not in that order). Usually get around 290 km if I let it go but normally fill up before the light comes on as I don't like letting fuel get that low. I normaly run 98 octane but if not avilable then I run premium 95.

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It seems I do max 260 kms = 161 miles with a full tank mostly commuting (43 miles daily, 24 miles of those are highway with 80mph speeds) . I think it is extremely low, so I am concerned.


What makes you think you are on the last drop of fuel...a low fuel warning light? How many liters of fuel does it take when you fill it at 260 kms?


At 120 km/hr, I go 500 kms with 2.5 liters of fuel remaining in a 30 liter tank, so you should be able to ride at least 400 kms on the RT's 25 liter tank.

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I get approx 480km to a tank without pulling the trailer. The bike then takes about 24 to 25l to top up.


Last time I replaced the fuel filter, I put just on 28l into the tank. However, I've done the "tank filler mod" grin.gif which, although it does not increase the tank capacity, does reduce your time at the fuel bowser thumbsup.gif

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Jerry Johnston

The higher the elevation the better your mileage will be. Also your 1150 will have a shorter range then the RT1100 mostly I believe because you can't put quite as much gas in the tank (filler difference maybe?). The range on my 96RT is anywhere from 240 to 300mpg depending on how I ride and where I ride. The reserve light is very unreliable and varies from bike to bike.

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I get about 220 on my 96 1100rt..


Been riding a dealer's 02 1150rt for about 300 miles, and seems like it's not getting any better than my 1100rt.. It DOES get there faster though... grin.gif


I tend to vary my speed a bit more than most-I'll ride fast if there's not much traffic, and slow down if there is, so I tend to get worse mileage than most...

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I've taken my RT to a touch over 500km on a tank on two occasions. This was all freeway riding with long, boring stretches of road in cool weather. The fuel light was on for almost 40km on the second occasion.

Your bike maybe doesn't need a doctor but it wouldn't hurt for you to take some accurate measurements of its consumption and then make comparisons after your next scheduled service.

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I used to commute 128 miles (return) daily in a city (motorway and then city riding).


Regular as clockwork I got 246 miles to a tank which then took circa 25 litres. The fuel light came on around 208 miles

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First of all I would like to thank you all for your replies thumbsup.gif. A very sudden health problem of my best friend, made my wife and me to be absent from this forum for a week or so frown.gif Sorry for not replying to your posts on time.


Nevetheless during the last commutes I did manage to do 330 kms = 205 miles from full tank till the fuel light. I guest that's better confused.gif


I guest its the kind of my driving plus the heavy traffic when arriving near my office that reduce my millage. crazy.gifcrazy.gif


In the next weeks I will re-calculate my miles / full tank and get back with more info.


Thanks again



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I get pretty poor milelage with my city riding as well. 250-265 kms before the low fuel indicator lights up (when it comes on & I refill, I usually fill in about 20 to 20.5 litres).


If it's highway riding then I can usually stretch it to about 320-330kms or so before the low fuel light comes on.


I've had this problem since day one & the dealer said that is normal fuel consumption so I just try to ignore all the US owners who writes in about getting 250-260 miles instead of kilometers, lol.

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I just try to ignore all the US owners who writes in about getting 250-260 miles instead of kilometers


Then you really DON'T want to hear about my best ever 249 miles on a single tank..... it only happened once on the R1100.


On my last solo trip (4400 miles) my '02 RT averaged 46 mpg (US gallons) overall. 7.0 times 46 would be a range of 300+ miles with some still in reserve. I don't push it quite that hard as gas stations can be far apart in some areas of the Western US.



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My daily commute is 60 miles out and back, almost exclusively on dual carriageway or motorway (speed limit 70 mph). When I first started doing this run around 6 months ago the light was coming on almost predictably at 240 miles, but for some reason lately (I think simply due to increasing traffic congestion), I am seeing the light at just over 210 miles.


Maybe the colder weather has something to do with it, too. Getting just a little bit more eager to get home, edging my average speed up a tad higher.

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