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Versa-Hauler Mishap


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Rode the RT 250 miles today with a group of buddies. Got home ans rushed to put my new Versa-hauler on to my Touareg. Prepped the R1 for track day tomorrow - fuel, fender eliminator off, tires at track pressure, track windshield on, double bubble off, mirrors off, tape on.


Rolled it up on to the Versa-hauler and it fell off on to the left side - moderate damage - handlebars snapped at left handgrip, tail piece broken, fairing badly scratched - no track day for me tomorrow unless I fire up the Ducati, but it needs a new chain and sprocket pretty bad.


This sucks.

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Bob, did it fall off because it wasn't attached to the hauler properly, or did something break on the device?


Sorry about that. I use a stand up Kendon and really love it.

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David - not secured properly. I had a strap over the tripple tree with about 50 percent compression on the front shock, and a strap over the seat. Obviously not the right way to secure it dopeslap.gif


I have track bodywork is a box - so the bike will probably become a track queen now.

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sorry Bob, for that mishap

i know how much you look forward to racing that R1

thanks for all the conversations we've had about that great bike here and by PM

when you reminded of how liter bikes could "bite you" when you least expected it, i know neither of us thought about THIS scenario

sorry about the track day cancelation

please let us know what it takes to get that R1 fixed



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You know, after the events of the past week, I can't help but think that God just took his thumb and index finger and flicked the bike right on to the ground so I wouldn't ride it fast today.


I can fix the bike, that's the good part...

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You are pretty brave carrying an R1 on the back of the hauler. I have the same hauler. I only carry my dirtbike on it. All other bikes go in a trailer.

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tokarz -


I have the VH-Sport-RO, which is supposed to be able to handle a bike up to 600 pounds, but you are right - it does not seem suitable for the task and I am going to sell it and get a trailer. Also have to fix my "track queen" R1 back up - pretty sad to see it all scuffed up!

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Got the R1 back from the dealer yesterday with minimum "repairs to ride" - those included replacement of left handlebar, replacement of left switchgear, replacement of left bar-end, new clutch lever. I still have a small crack in the left fairing, rash on the left fairing, and a pretty thrashed tail piece - one crack and rash on both sides (well - one side was already rashed from a track getoff). Total repair bill about 550.00 - there goes my new Arai helmet dopeslap.gif


The bike now has a lot of "character" - I can't wait for track day in two weeks - should be lots of comments like "hey, look at the old beat to sh*t dude on the R1 to match!"


It did still seem to go forward pretty well when I twisted the throttle on the way home thumbsup.gif

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