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Windscreens for R1200RT


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Can someone tell me what aftermarket windscreens are available? I need to replace mine thanks to a driver knocking my bike over while it was parked, and was thinking I could improve on the stock windscreen.


I really don't need a detailed review although I would appreciate some thoughts. I sure there are lots of reviews in this forum, I'd just like to know what is available.

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Thanks to all for the info.


Has anyone tried the CB SumDome? I do a lot of city riding in really hot weather and this looks like a nice option. I thought I could get the SumDome for day-2-day and a bigger windscreen for trips.

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I bought a CB Sumdome for my 1200 RT and used it all last summer LOVED IT! I found that the still air pocket on the new RT was too still nomatter what position the stock shield was in, and once the temp. got into the 80's it was just too hot. The Sumdome worked well in rain though you can't get behind it like the stock shield. I didn't find it to be much louder or to have much more buffeting than the stock item and left it on 'till October when my morning ride to work started getting into the 20's. Also, the dark tint Sumdome gives the bike a whole new look, much sportier.

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I just thought I'd follow up on this for the archives. I've got the Cee Bailey's Sumdome on the bike and I love it. I got the dark smoke which makes the bike look really sporty.


I doesn't block the wind as well as the stock shield, but then again, I found the stock shield was too hot in the tropical weather. I can certainly understand this would not be the best screen for cold climates, but it's great when it's hot.

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