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Seat and shields


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I hope this is the correct spot for this post.


I am considering replacing the stock seat and windshield on my 05 1200RT. I am 6' 225lbs (before dinner)and find that I can't get good wind protection from the stock shield even when it is all the way up.


My RT has the heated seats and I like the feature, truth be told the seats aren't terrible and if I can't get heated after markets seats I'll stay with these. I would however, like a seat with a little more lower back support.


Any thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated.

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I'm the same height and went with the Cee Bailey +5.5 in. and +1 wider. It's perfect and i ride in the highest seat position. As far as seats go, consider Russell. if you want to stay with the stock seat, consider an Alaska Leather butt pad. They are awesome and relatively inexpensive. Good luck.

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6'2" ride with seat in high position, Cee Bailey +3X+3.


I raise it slightly and I have quiet and can still see over. In the curves it doesn't interfere with my vision if lowered all the way. I can leave the shield up on my C1 and it stays up, with stock it would slam shut at 40-45 mph. I called Cee Bailey and they suggested the size. Delivered in 4 days.


Just did 1200 mile round trip to Sedona, AZ. Hit alot of wind on Sunday near Palm Springs only slightly more buffeting than stock. Air still hits my arms so when the heat waves comes in December and January (I'm bragging - not complaining) air will flow thru my mesh jacket.

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I'm running the AEROFLOW Medium shield for the R1200RT with great results. Shield gives excellent protection, and does so without having to run the shield in the full upright position. I'm 6'4" 210..



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I have an aeroflow for the 1200RT, but if u have to look thru the aeroflow u get the dreaded "funhouse mirror" distortion effect. I dont think u get it on the cee baileys. Seatwise, I am partial to corbins, but a lot of guys swear by Russell day long touring saddles. My corbin is great, and heated. Wunderlich also makes great seats .

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