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R1200RT Photos Wanted


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Could someone post, or point me to a place on the internet where I can find, photos of the R1200RT without its panniers on? Both sides if that is not asking too much. I am usually pretty good at that internet thing, but can't find any such pictures. blush.gif


I am assuming that you all love to show off your bikes, so it won't be to hard to find someone with such a photo.


Thanks in advance.

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Nope. Haven't taken deliver of mine. Just curious. I could head down to the dealer and ask for them to show me, but I figured asking here would be quicker. thumbsup.gif

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I noticed a picture on your website that refers to Gary from South Yorkshire. The caption says his RT is Blue-Tooth ready...can you give details on what sort of Blue-Tooth gadgets he has?



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