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New Member seeks others with R1200ST's to compare


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Would like to compare notes on R1200ST. Bought mine June 05, never owned a BM before. Had a test run at launch in March and dealer loaned me one in April/May for European trip(condition of my buying the BM and not FJR1300!)Put up 2500 trouble free miles.

What tyres are proving best. Mine came with Bridgestones.

What type of mpg are owners getting?

What top speeds being achieved on standard set up?

I have BM Tankbag/pannier boxes/topbox & rack.

Went for red/silver with chrome exhausts.

No other extras yet.

Considering Throttlemeister.

Hows reliability any issues?


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Welcome to the group Chris!

Only done 2000 miles on my ST so far so cannot really comment on tyre durability or any problems with the bike. It came with Pilot Roads fitted and so far they've been very good grip wise and seem to be wearing well.


I tell a lie, the only problem I've had has been the screen cracking around the bolt mounts and this was replaced under warranty straight away.


Getting around 50 mpg (UK not US Gallons!)in mixed riding and using plenty of engine revs. I've not held back on the revs unlike previous boxers which always seemed pretty rough at anything over 5000, but this 1200 really likes to rev! Not had to put any oil in since its first service at 800 miles either, unlike my GS which drank the stuff.

Top speed - well with so many speed cameras around I've kept moderately legal most of the time (well, below 100) but had it up to 130 (gps speed - speedo = 125) once with obviously more in reserve.


Added a few things - gps on BMW mount, small tank bag, top box, Laminar Lip screen extension, additional power socket in front fairing and Remus silencer on order.

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Hi Chris, my 1st BMW is a Charcoal/Granite gray ST. Still at low miles, so not too much too report. I'm picky about tires and like the Pilot Road tires that came on mine from the factory. Keep an eye on the Bridgestone front tire for cupping from what I have heard. A friend with a 12ST is getting good wear and milage with Z6's. Can report the handling with my ESA suspension has me very satisfied even though my last bike was a fantastic handler (Triumph Speed Triple). Top speed should be over 130mph indicated. Only problems I have experienced is the speedo occasionally in a stepping motion on the increase of speed, but not on deceleration. The other is the motor turns into a beast between 6K rpms and redline. thumbsup.gif

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Just checked your profile Chris. I rode a Kawi 250 Samurai back around 1970/71. I grew up on the smell of two cycle oil back in my youth.




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Chris, congrats on your ST. I purchased mine March 29, now has 17,000 miles, favorite tire Pilot Roads, milage 45 to 50 MPG as I ride it extremely hard, will hit the rev limiter with ease in 6th gear.Was clocked at 144.4 running on the Bonneville salt flats at 5,000 ft elevation. I add no oil between changes at 4 to 5,000 mile intervals, switched to Mobil 1 15/50 Synthetic at 4,700 miles, the bike has been completely trouble free, I routinely cruise at between 125 and 140 MPH when crossing Nevada.

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Hey Chris!


Glad to have one more that saw the (stacked) light at the end of the tunnel grin.gif


The R12ST is my first ever beemer as well. And am enjoying every waking moment I can before the winter really hits.


I bought mine as a demo a month and a few days ago. I have put over 1500 miles on it myself (just a hair over 6K total now on the bike), and haven't had any problems. She eats a little oil but that doesnt really bother me, I believe that will go away after my 6k service switch to a synth oil.


Check out this thread for list of my mods, and such. smile.gif


Also I have metzeler? M1 tyres, and they are great. wont last as long being they are a performance tyre, (came on the bike). but I really like them thus far.


So far seems to be rock solid reliable!


Agree'd about being a total animal after 6K RPMS! clap.gifgrin.gifsmirk.gif


Ride safe smile.gif

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Considering Throttlemeister.


Oh, this is on my xmas list this year (exhange of gifts with the folks). I believe I'll be getting it as well smile.gif


Will be GREAT to have lose hands on long trips. smile.gif

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I've got BT014s on mine. They grip just fine. Have a full Remus and Throttlemiester as well. The Remus isn't too loud. I've had mine an indicated 140. Getting about 48 to 49 MPG and I'm "on the gas" all of the time.


I'm having some body work separate on mine on the top of the tank. Left side panel doesn't stay clicked on one of the tabs causing a missalignment of the plastic by about 1/4 inch. Going to take it in and see what they can do.


This bike doesn't use anywhere near as much oil as my GS. Not sure why. My GS drinks at least 1/2 quart per 600 miles.


Fantastic engine on this thing. Unlike most twins it loves to rev.



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I have 9000 miles on my 05 bought in April and just flat out dig the s^*& out of this bike. I run Bridgestone BT020s and got 7000 thumbsup.gifmiles out of them! I have a full Remus exhaust system, BMW tankbag which is on for 85% of my rides, system cases which I have only had the opportunity to use once, luggage rack which I would sell because I don't have the top case and I don't intend to buy it.

I have a throttlemeister and immediately after installing it decided it is not made for heavily trafficed freeways [at least not for me], I average over 40 mpg of gas and do not baby it. thumbsup.gif

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Welcome, Chris!


Congrats on a wonderful bike and the wisdom to join us here. thumbsup.gif I have 11,800 miles on my ST

and yeehaw! is the way I like to describe it. This is the latest of sporting BMWs I have owned and I am quite please with it.


Tires: tread pretty much wore out at this mileage, by looks not by feel and I am very sensative to

how a bike handles. I used to run nothing but Bridgestone 020's on my R1100RS, really liked

the way they worked except how heavy they steered the last couple a thousand miles before

replacement, also a 10-12,000 mile tire.


Bags: Yep, got em. BMW is the best for saddlebags.


MPG: 45+MPG I really don't rev the motor over 5K except for getting up to speed on the freeway.

on the backroads pretty much the same. The darn thing is so torquey it just doesnt need it.


Oil usage: about a pint every 1000 miles.


T-meister: I made my own design, works OK except when the heated grip are on high, the throttle jams

Now that winter is here for me, time to fix that.

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Welcome Chris.


I purchased my ST in July and now have 9600 miles. I have the BMW large tankbag, saddlebags and topbox. I replaced the original Dunlop 220's at 3400 miles before a major trip. They probably would have lasted another 1000 miles. I replaced with Conti Road Attacks which have held up well for 6200 miles. They have about 1000 miles left until the wear bars. I'll probably replace with Avon 45/46 combo with which I had good luck on my previous bike, a R1100S, lasting on average 9,000 - 10,000 miles. I have a stock exhaust and get 48-50 MPG. I began using BMW synthetic motor oil at 7500 miles and burn about a pint every 1500 miles. I plan to switch to Mobil One Synthetic at the next change. I have been considering a Cee Bailey aftermarket windshield but am waiting for someone to report on the windshield's effectiveness. I have been riding since 1962 beginning with a 250 Jawa and love this bike. It is very solid and the ergos are spot on for me.

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What tyres are proving best. Mine came with Bridgestones.

Mine came with Pilot Roads and I'm pretty happy with them.


What type of mpg are owners getting?

California gas - 43-45 MPG

Other states gas - 47-50 MPG


What top speeds being achieved on standard set up?

131 MPH on the GPS, with a full load of gear, and 1,000 rpm left to red-line.


Considering Throttlemeister.

Take a look at the Kaoko -it is is much more practical with thick gloves, and is easier to install.


Hows reliability any issues?

Had a problem with one of the spark plug coils - repaired under dealer warranty. Still working on a minor issue with the front brake rotors vibrating under heavy breaking. The dealer says its the front tire, but I don't think so. We'll resolve this issue when I buy new tires in about 2,000 miles.

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