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1200RT cruise on a 1200GS?

Optimus Prime

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Optimus Prime

What would it take, and has anybody tried, to put the cruise control unit from an RT on a GS?


I searched and couldn't find a similiar topic dopeslap.gif


I'm asking because the GS meets all my needs, minus the cruise. Not that I need cruise, I've lived without one thus far, but if I'm going to be dropping that much $$$ on a new bike I'd like to have all the creature comforts I can get.

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I think the cable-divider/belden box part and extra cables would be no biggie. They look like the same parts on each bike (RT vs. GS) in the manual. There is an additional part which controls the whole assy from the cruise unit.


The only issue would be the wire harness. My guess is that the GS wouldn't have the necessary circuits to monitor the various controls.


You would also have to change the left switchgear housing and move the ABS cancel button if so equipped.

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i would love a cruise on my GS as well, but the answer isn't simple

no part of the bike was set up for that. truly installing the RT system on the GS would mean disassembling the entire bike (acceleration issues/active DEceleration devices, etc) and probably spending 5K to do it... even if such a system existed... which it doesn't


of course, there have been times when i'm slabbing it on the GS.... adn the throttle rocker isn't working

and the Kaoko throttle lock is useless that the 5K doesn't sound too bad




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"Riders Resource LLC" makes a cruise control for the R12GS for around $500. This will probably price out cheaper than trying to adapt the R12RT stuff.




Heh - if you end up buying it, could you send me a copy of the installation manual? I'd like to know how they hook how that kit gets engine speed and how it works around Canbus.

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