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Oil leak. Cause & Fix?


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Bought my bike from a non BMW dealer.


Have been given the OK by them to get the local BMW dealer to fix this oil leak. Leaking from the rear of the flexible rubber section between final drive and drive shaft. One local BMW owner just said it is a breather, another sas a seal is leaking. Some say it's just like that with BMW's. I do know I didn't have this on my K series.




So apart from just passing it over to them I'd like to know from others who have experienced it.


What should I expect them to do as this will be a one shot under warranty.


What's the cause and what's the fix?

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It`s not like that with BMW`s,unlikely to be oil breather unless someone has over filled it,i would go for a seal.There will be some one with more knowledge along in a mo to give a more definitve answer thumbsup.gif


Regards Del

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Seepage from the rear drive input shaft seal is very common. Then it leaks out from around the boot to what you see here. If they are going to replace the seal under warranty, great. But don't be real surprised if it reappears some day. Most people learn to live with it. If you cut the ties on the boot and push it back and there is just a few cc of lube in the boot, it's pretty normal. OTOH if the entire boot is flooded, it's time for a new seal.

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Clive Liddell

Unscrew the final drive filler plug and check that it hasn't been overfilled. The oil level should be below the threads. I have found that this reduces my oil "weep" to a negligable amount. A tight new cable tie or like I did replace it with the BMW "hose clamp" stops the remaining slight ooze.

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