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1200GS Tire Pressure


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Whats the best tire pressure for this bike? My dealer says one thing, the manual says another and the Metzlers say something else. I am not a racer and 90% of my riding is on paved roads. Thanks for your help.

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what tires are you using?

i have the anakees...

i run 38 in the front

42 in the back

there are as many opinions about this issues as there are folks on this board


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Follow the manual. The engineers at BMW have a bit more expertise in this area than those at the BMW shop.


After you ride it as per the manual for awhile, you may find that for your use some minor adjustments are necessary.

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I don't even remember what they are...


Here you go, Jimbo.


One-up: F-32, R-36.

W/passenger & w/luggage: F-36, R-42.


Wow, I guess my still fat @$$ is like riding two-up still!




Jim cool.gif

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I used 36F/42R with Tourance tyres which were the pressures recommended by Metzeler. Has the added advantage of not having to change when 2 up! Much below 40 in the rear and I found it too wallowy and the fuel consumption went up.


A long time ago I was advised to use the tyre manufacturer's recommended pressures for a bike if available. If not, then use the bike manufacturer's recommendations.



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