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Heated grips Low Temp


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I'm looking to correct a problem with the heated grips on my 2000 R1100RT, this started a few weeks ago after riding sustained rain and am wondering if some one can point me to where I can find the ground point for the front wiring returns.


The problem I have is low heat output at both grips, the switch checks out OK, about 0.1 ohm or less in both hi & low positions, and the connectors are clean and making good contact at the plug.


Total grip circuit resistance is 7.5 ohms on low and 5.8 ohms on high from fuse 7 output to ground, allowing about 1.5 ohm for the orange resistance wire that leaves me with what looks like a higher resistance than I should have in the circuit which is reducing the output, possibly at the common ground point.


Anyone point me to the ground before I dismantle the whole thing ? or do I need to do that anyway ?



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