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Stripped torx.


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Not enough heat on one of the T-40 bolts holding on the rear brake rotor on my R12RT, head stripped to the point that further use of the torx bit is useless. :dopeslap: Next step? No problem with the other four, there's always a problem child.


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Since your not accepting PM's:


These bolts should be torqued to 30 foot pounds and some also use Lock-tite to make sure they don't come undone. They seldom are difficult/impossible to remove.


Should have come right out. Are you sure you weren't tightening it?

Had to ask.


So...what to do about it?

Try an 'easy out' appropriate for the size bolt.

It consists of a drill matching to a reverse tapered bit.


You first drill the center of the bolt to create a specifically shaped cone that will match the accompanying 'tapered/fluted drill'. Then use the drill to loosen the bolt.


If that doesn't work carefully add some heat from a mini-torch. Perhaps that will do the trick.


Otherwise...use this as an excuse to get a NEW RT.

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Done this on some outboard parts:

"Carefully TIG weld a piece of hex stock or a nut onto it. Don't use a plated hex nut, stainless is best. The heat into the fastener helps plus you have something to wrench on.

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I'm sure what is up with the PM as I get them from some but others say they can't, my settings are set to accept them.


No, I was not tightening them. The first 4 came out no problem in sequence, the last one just didin't want to move. I have the longer torx bit required to reach the bolt and maintain a straight angle so that wasn't the issue. I'll give the easy out a try.

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I did exactly the same thing on my RT some years ago now. I found that the best way to deal with the situation was to drill the remains of the torx right the way through and use a stud extractor from the wheel side of the hub (i.e. you don't wind the remains out backwards - but continue to wind it "in" until it come out the other side). Hope that makes sense. The reason for this back to front approach was simply that the access is so much easier from the wheel side of the hub.


Take it easy - plenty of heat and a couple of beers and it'll be fine.





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I just had to pull those on my 800. They are the same, I think. One use. Replace them.

They come with the special Loctite on them, 243. I can't find it in the stores.


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