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URGENT - 2010 R1200RT (IBR bike) won't idle properly


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EDIT: Dealer just phoned. It's fixed! An extended test ride shows everything working perfectly now. I'm in the game again. :)



Hi folks,


I need your collective advice.


I'm in Seattle and just a couple of days away from the start of the 2011 Iron Butt Rally.


I took my 2010 R1200RT in for a 12,000 mile service today at a local dealer. When they fired up the bike to test ride it at the end of the service, it wouldn't idle properly. It would start, then rev up and down by itself. They had (have?) no idea why.


I left on a service loaner at 7pm and the master tech said he plans to stay up all night if needed to fix the problem. When I left, he thought it must be a stepper motor. Seems strange since it was only in for a valve check. They did NOT update the software (he confirmed that with me). He says he also ruled out vacuum lines, etc.


The bike has been running flawlessly until today's appointment. The dealer admits fault, and it's under warranty, and they're trying to make it right. I am not laying blame. They understand how much time, energy, and money I've sunk into riding the IBR. I would appreciate any thoughts on what this might be or if anyone has experienced this type of problem before......




Dean McCurdy

(IBR hopeful!)

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