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Well THAT didn't go as planned!


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Thursday morning I pulled out of my driveway with three days ad 1500 miles of mostly two-lane from sunny, hot Sarasota headed north.

Well, I should also mention I was ill last week, nothing major just an infection and persistent headache. Got my drugs and felt reasonably well at departure.

First day was expected to be pretty easy, just 325 miles to Tallahassee to visit a friend before successive 600 mile days to Memphis then Chicago.

Stopped after just 125 miles to see "Big Daddy" Don Garlits' museum and grab lunch before topping the tank and motoring on. Nearly two hours off the bike there.

About 90 minutes later, in the wilds of the Nature Coast my sitter was quitting fast (more in another post later), I felt feverish or sunburned (headed north?!?), it was 95 F and my throat felt like the desert sands. I stopped, called my buddy to confirm arrival time, sucked down a soda, stretched and eased back aboard.

That last 51.6 miles was hell. Nausea building, sweating like a construction worker and pain immediately above the saddle made me wish I could click my heels together and wake up at home.

I even did something I never do, speed. I was running 5 over the limit the whole last 2+ hours to get there NOW!

By the time I reach Tallahickey I was fairly certain my northward progress was at an end. Whatever I had was coming back with a vengeance after 9 days of antibiotics, rest and fluids. I called everybody north with the update and my in-laws who, fortunately for me, live halfway home from Tally to see if I could crash there Friday(today) even though there was no grandchild with me.

Well, 115 miles before 9 am was easier than yesterday but not much. I have 200 more tomorrow and a doctors' appt. when I arrive. I'm leaving early before the temp hits 80 so I can reach home before it hits 95 again. Already planning two stops, too. I guess my vacation turned into a stay-cation. Hope my wife and kid are having fun up north (they flew out Thursday).

But the biggest kick in the crotch is all the great roads I missed, the breweries I won't get to visit, the BBQ uneaten and the friends and family unseen.

Thursdays can suck, too.

(And I have to change the map!)

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Hope you get over this and are back on your feet soon.

Bummer about the trip but the destinations will be there next time.

It has been warm.

We had our all time record high this week.

Drop me a line if you ever get in a pickle around here.

We can pick up w/a trailer or ride the bike for you.


Best wishes.

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Riding when not feeling well, or even bad, is no fun at all! Just had my own stint of that a few weeks ago. I feel for you and hope you get back home safely !


Take care and be careful ! Add lots of extra stops if need be !

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Sorry your vacation was cut short and hope you arrived safely.

The bug must be going around. Spent the day along our route back home from Torrey picking the spot I was going to pull over and barf. Thankfully made it home without having to do it but it sure isn't fun on the road when your sick.


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I even did something I never do, speed. I was running 5 over the limit the whole last 2+ hours to get there NOW!


Geez, five over the limit. Now that's living on the edge! :) Seriously, I hope you feel better soon. It's difficult to maintain the required concentration when feeling so lousy.

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Thanks for all the good thoughts. I made it home alright and have seen the doc twice already. Off the antibiotics (yeah, its beer-thirty!) but with several tests scheduled, blood, x-rays, CAT scans. Glad I have insurance. And an Xbox 360.

I also ran 5 over all the way home. Even passed a sheriff deputy who was apparently exiting I-75 and paid me no nevermind.

To add insult to everything else, I had a slow leak in the rear tire but got the nail pulled and plugged the donut Sat. after seeing the doc.

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Five over. You're a menace to society & a reprobate to our sport. Sell your bike & turn in your license NOW.





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Five over. You're a menace to society & a reprobate to our sport. Sell your bike & turn in your license NOW. :grin:

I know, I bring shame and disgrace to the entire community. :cry:

If it helps, my drivers license expires on the first day of UN. But I think I'll renew it and start driving 5 UNDER the speed limit. With my right blinker on. In the fast lane. Like a freakin' snowbird! :rofl:


As for the medical issues, most are over but still trying to get a handle on the chronic headache. 5 weeks now in some degree or other. I'm voting for alien parasite but even my kid won't buy that. Or maybe all the radiation from a life full of electronics. Time for the tinfoil hat?

Got a neurologist appt. next week. My wife doesn't think he will find anything, just a big empty space. :D

As long as there is enough in there to keep using the computer, the Xbox, the bike and knowing the difference between good beer and advertised beer, I'm a happy rider. :grin:


Edit: And enough to keep me from becoming a politician!!! :eek:

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