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I have the Laminar Lip on my LT, works well, but does obstruct vision a little at certain heights. I really liked the Z-tech V Stream on my RT.

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Tx for your responce BUT i am looking for something that DOES the job without having to pay for a entire brand new windshield.


That is why i am asking if sb has already tried the windshield extender either for Touratech or Wunderlich and even if sb had the chance to compare these with a laminar lip installed.

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Got a Laminar lip in exellent condition for sale off of my R1200RT if ya want it. i'd suggest going to their website to see if it fits the 1150 too. $50.00 to lower 48 states.

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I set up the laminar lip with tape and tassels then put a fan on sawhorses and adjusted the angle to see the effect the LL had.

I varied placement of the LL and angle/speedof the wind (fan).

I'm fairly tall and I've tried varioous windscreens.

the LL does a better job of getting air up and above my helmet.

At my height, doesn't cause visual problem seeing ahead.


Now the Touratech/Wunderlich remind me of the MRA Vario versions.

The MRA works but is not as wide as the LL.

My guess is the LL moves more air, could be better based on that but not necessarily.

People of average height have different needs wrt this stuff.

If your helmet is getting buffeted on an RT there are solutions.

Best wishes.

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