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Carrying a Suit/Sport Coat.


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I'm leaving in a few weeks for my nieces wedding in Vermont. Does anyone have any tips for carrying a suit or sport coat on a bike? I might consider shipping it but would rather carry it. There's a fair bit of info on the web including a thread on AdvRider, but I'm curious what my friends here think.


Packing a suit jacket - AdvRider

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John Ranalletta

Roll it into a big ball and take it to the dry cleaners when you arrive. If folded somewhat neatly, an ironing can handle the creases on arrival as will hanging the items in a steamed up shower overnight.


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Rolling as mentioned in the adv thread works well, it ends up a little more compact than folding, and avoids hard folds.

I turn the coat inside out, fold it in half lengthwise, then roll it up starting from the collar end.

If it's wool, a little steaming when you get to your destination should relax the wrinkles, touch up stubborn areas with an iron if needed.

Make sure to unpack it as soon as you arrive and hang it, hanging for a day may leave it in almost perfect shape.


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Jerry in Monument

Depending on the material, rolling is your best option.


Then you could use something like a kilt roll (yes I wear a kilt), or some other similar device.


Section of pvc pipe or go to FedEx and get one of their triangular document shipping boxes.

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+1 for the dry cleaner.


Also, Google a local shop. Call them and ask to speak to the owner. Vermont is one HUGE small town. Chances are the owner is the one who picked up.


Explain. I will bet they go out of their way to accommodate you. Hey, have them do your shirt and tie too. I'd guess you're in and out for under twenty bucks. And you'll look marvelous.

Mazal tov.


EDIT: How you get your things FROM the dry cleaner's TO your hotel; I've got nothing.

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I do a lot of my business travel on the GT. Always need to carry a suit or sport jacket so I use one of these:


Sky Roll


Works well and is easily lashed to the bike.

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I like the dry cleaner's the best, but keep in mind that it can take a couple days.


another good option is Fed-Ex.

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I take suits several times a month on business trips into Washington. I have a steam thing to remove the wrinkles, but just about every business class hotel has an iron in the room. I wouldn't chance a dry cleaner when I really, really needed something.

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Ron , get some armor undergarments , than wear the suit.....









Ron, that's a joke, ( I think-thought )


Congratulations on your nieces wedding... I wish them both a full filling life

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Great Posts, I need to do this for the daily commute.

Thanks for the info again this place is a wealth of knowledge.

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Thanks for all the opinions and tips. I stopped by a Men’s Wearhouse yesterday and picked up a SkyRoll for 1/3 discount. Should work fine. It fits perfectly into one of my roll-top bags for rain protection.


Ron, you know we will be expecting to see pics of you in the suit.


Ed, you DO understand what you’re asking me to do, don’t you? I’ve spent my entire adult life deftly crafting the personal image and persona of a dull, monochrome t-shirt wearing slob. Do you really want me to expose my true identity as a polished, urbane and sophisticated gentleman?


I’ll think about it.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 'I slept in my suit last night' look.

Some dry cleaners specifically prepare your suit in this manner, as it's considered very stylish these days. You know, a dressed up, but casual look.

Quite the same with shaving only every 3rd or 4th day, or not at all.

Being formal is all fine and dandy, but being too formal is no good.

I have found that loosely rolling or folding a jacket will put no creases into it. It's only if you press it down, or put something on it that you get a crease. Hanging jacket and pants on a hanger upon arrival tends to remove light wrinkles.

That's my experience with wool.


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