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Care and feeding of matte Ostra Gray paint


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Can one use ordinary (e.g., Meguiar's) paste wax on the flat/matte Ostra gray on an '11 RT? And what about the black plastic, like the inside half of the bags?


Vinyl protectant, detailer spray?


I'm thinking protection against UV as much as looks. [Next 5 days forecast over 100F here in Norman OK!]



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Thanks, guys. The Ostra gray is not glossy, BTW.


My ST1100 had gray, pebbly, non-glossy parts. For years I used "Armorall," or similar. Looks great for a while, but evaporates pretty quickly. I finally started using wax, being sure to buff the stuff out between the bumps. Worked well.


But the Ostra gray is matte, so maybe the Chemical guys' stuff is the ticket. I guess I can try different things in an obscure place, and undo with WD40 if necessary.


I'm still open to more suggestions.

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