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Marsee Tank Bag Question


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Does anyone on here have some feedback on the Marsee 15L Corona Mr. Pockets, or the Marsee 15L tank bags. I'm planning on using it on a R1150R. Thanks in advance for any input offered.

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There's lots of discussion elsewhere if you Google it.


I like the idea of the mount but not sure I like how it looks.





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Here are a couple of photos of a 20 ltr bag on my RT. I like the bag a lot; much more than I did the stock BMW bag. The only issue I've had is because of the pockets on the side, full lock left turns will sound the horn while the bike is running. Other than that, it's a terrific bag. Happy trails.


From the side




From the top



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I have the 20 liter as well on an Rt. Everyone loves me when I"m backing out of the garage at 6 am and the horn blows. I'll confirm what Paul said as to the map pocket, it works poorly on a good day.

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I have two Marsee tank bags (Pocket Rocket, IIRC, and a larger one), and I've been very happy with both. My large one looks like the one pictured above, but without the pocket on the side. I will agree that the oval map pocket is pretty worthless.


One oddity I found with Marsee bags: the silver lining they use actually blocks radio waves. On my V-Strom, I don't have a mount for my V-1. Tried to use it in the bag, and it wouldn't pick up anything. Likewise, my FRS radio absolutely must have the antenna sticking out of the bag, and my iJet iPod remote won't work unless I have a corner of the bag unzipped and my iPod right next to it.


I haven't used their Corona mount.

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I find the Corona mount to be very user friendly. Especially handy for fuel stops vs the strap on type or BMW bags.


The silver interior makes it easier for me to find items and the pockets in the lid are well thought out and convenient.


I use the electrified version to power my Nuvi and keep the electronics charged up.


I have used several brands over the years and now own 3 Marsee bags (different sizes), they are my favorite.

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I have the same one pictured above by dba. I've had it on an R1100R, an R1150RT and now on my R1200R. I let mine hang much lower on the tank than what is pictured. Sitting very close to me. It helps with the steering and the sounding of the horn.

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