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This is NOT an Oil Thread- This is an Oil ON SALE Thread


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Went to the land of retail dispensaries today on a simple mission to get oil.


Started at Wally-World. No Mobil One 15W50.

Tried Auto Zone... nope.

Tried O'Reily no customer service and no M-1 15W50 either.

Pep Boys, helpful but unobtanium.


Ended up at NAPA...yes! they had Mobile One Silver Top and guess what? ON SALE for $ 4.99 per quart.


FYI, this is not an advertisement- this is information.



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Good info , thank you


I pursued the same journey , but gave up after wally-world and autozone. Thanks for doing the legwork.


Now where is that 20-50 castrol synt for my KTM? IT likes it ...oohhhh yyeeeaahhh, smoooooth shifting :)

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