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Can't read my new Nuvi 500 in sunlight.


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I replaced my Quest with a Nuvi 550.


Now the Quest is 10 year old technology, and you can read it clearly in bright direct sunlight. Not possible with my new Nuvi, with brightness in any setting.


My friends Zumo is very clear in sunlight.


Whatsa matter with mine???

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My Zumo 660 seems bleached in bright sun. It doesn't help matters that the reflection of my hiVis jacket makes things worse. I haven't tried a sun shade but it is on my list to get.



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The Nuvi series GPSs are car units for the most part, although some -- like your 550 -- are touted as multi-mode. They're primarily designed for use within the relatively darker confines of an automobile's interior. Most Nuvi screens are not designed for use outdoors, e.g., on a bike. I have a Nuvi 3750, a great unit, but virtually unreadable outside. On the other hand, my Garmin 276C (older technology -- bought mine in 2005 -- and designed for use on boats) has a screen that's easily readable in direct sunlight. However, it's not well suited for use inside a car. A Zumo, or perhaps the soon-to-be-released Garmin Montana series, would be a better choice.

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The Zumo's are twice the price, and the Montana almost 3X.


Maybe I can rig a sun-shade.


Can't argue with you there, though I'd only point out that the base Montana (the 600) is about the same price as a Zumo 660, once you add the cost of a rugged mount and maps, neither of which come with the Montana. The base price of a Montana 600 is $530 CDN (without mount and maps).


Whether paying noticeably less for a GPS for motorcycle use that you can't see in sunlight is another question altogether. Only you can decide whether that's good value, or not, especially since the Nuvi has no audio out as far as I can see. Certainly won't hurt to try a sunshade of some description.

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I have both the Nuvi 500 and a Zumo 660, both are equally as "good or bad" in the sunlight.. absolutely NO DIFFERENCE. I do use a Glarestomper on both and it works only in certain sun angles... My trick is to just kinda move my head around to a certain position and then it will become more visible.. and I listen to directions via BT.

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Steve Kolenda

I previously had a 276C which had a wonderful screen. I currently have a Zumo 665 and am extremely disapointed with the quality of the screen.

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I run an older Zumo 450 on my R1200R. At the time it was advertised "for motorcycles". One thing I really like about it is the screen changes brightness automatically from daylight to night time. I thought they all did that. This is good info for when I go shopping for a new GPS.

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^^I do think they all automatically change from day to night (if you select that option, I even have that on my cheap car Garmin GPS's)


It's just the screens wash out in the direct sunlight.

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