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Short ride to Allenspark, CO


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The weather was beautiful, so we decided to take a short ride up to Brainard Lake to see how much snow was in the area, and maybe try to catch a fish or two in the lake. Brainard Lake is a really beautiful spot, and has great hiking trails. But the mountains in the area seem to hold onto the now much longer in the season, so with the huge amount of snow in the mountains this winter, we didn't know what it would be like.


The ride up Lefthand Canyon from Boulder was beautiful, but is also a great bicycling route, and we must have seen about 150 cyclists on our way up.


Unfortunately, when we got to the Brainard Lake area, we discovered that they are doing construction and the area is closed to all motorized traffic. :P This is as close as we were able to get:




So we headed north along the Peak To Peak Highway:




Toward Mount Meeker, one of the most prominent peaks in the area. I believe that is Long's Peak on the left, which is actually higher, and is a 14er (over 14,000 feet).




More of Mount Meeker:




We stopped for lunch at a little place in Allenspark (well of course it is little, there aren't any BIG places in Allenspark).




It was just a short ride, but it sure was nice. We love living in Colorado! :grin:


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We love living in Colorado!
Hey, you guys looking to adopt? I don't eat that much & I do come with my own motorcycle! :grin:


Nice pics! :thumbsup:



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