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Valve clearance on camhead? And where to get manual?


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I've got about 4500 on my 11 1200RT as of this evening, and have

always thought I've been hearing a valve or 2 tht sounds just a

titch loose.


I know how they're adjusted (shims) but so far have been unable

to find a real shop type manual so I can find out the spec'd clearance -

I got the service CD from BB but that's very basic, didn't tell me anything I wouldn't

have normally easily figured out for myself except that bleeding

the front brakes is very straightforward, even with the ABS.


I had put on an extended front brake line for the Ilium barbacks

and had read a post, maybe on this forum?, that seemed to claim that

bleeding them was a monumentally complicated procedure -

and it was the way it was suggested in that post. I wanted to make sure, so sprung

for the $25 for the CD. Bleeding the fronts turned out to be a very straightforward bleed job.


ANYWAY - anyone find a good Shop type manual for the 10's & 11's? Without a a 3 figure price tag?

Or at least anyone know FOR SURE what the clearances are supposed to be? That would at least allow me to check.


I found a good one on ebay a couple yrs ago for my 1150R for very reasonable.

Think it was legal - had all the copyright warning stuff in it. Hope so (!)


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