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Squid rides away on my bike!


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I went to the local independent motorcycle repair shop for the first time today to get new tires (Michelin Pilot Power 2cts) installed on the Ducati.


The Pros...


Location - about a mile from my home. The Ducati dealer is 35 miles from home.


Price - the local shop is much cheaper than the fancy-schmancy Ducati shop.


They did a good job mounting my new tires while I waited. When it came time to do the obligatory safety-check ride, I was horrified when I spotted the squid working the counter rolling out on my beautiful Ducati. He took it around the block without incident, and I'm sure it was the highlight of his week riding my bike, but I had been talking to this kid earlier and didn't like what I was hearing. His riding experience spans a whole two years, and he was telling me about several accidents he'd been in in that time.


What gives? Are repair shops mandated by law to do those safety checks? Can I opt out of these if I'm not comfortable with who is available to do these rides.


I'll admit, It was amusing to see the grin on his face when he got off my bike.



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Well the next time you take your bike to that or and other dealer or service center you will have questions to ask.

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You might not like the specific kid (from the sound of it for good reason), but yes...

I would EXPECT them to test ride the bike and ensure that wheels don' vibrate, and the brakes are back working again.


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They have insurance as a business......you have insurance on the bike yourself.......who cares?


I might be concerned if the guy takes off on it and disappears for a 3 hour joy ride, but I wouldn't get concerned about a 5min shakedown run. There is only so much thrashing you can do in a trip around the block, and if he wrecked it you would get a shiny new Ducati.


On the flipside.........get your own tire changing gear and swap your own tires. It solves your problem and saves you money in the long run. :grin:

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Maybe the shop has a policy of scuffing the green tires a bit for the customer? Too many customers ride off and immediately go down on the greasy tire release goo. At least you know squid boy didn't go too fast on them slick tires.

I would not be concerned about a test ride.

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The short test ride the shop does will not stop a owner going down with new tires. I have always told the owners to be carefull after installing and test riding there bike.

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Calvin  (no socks)

In our organization we must drive the vehicle around a standardized test drive to ensure noise, vibration and harshness are within acceptable limits.....in otherwords...it feels right.. I would rather bring in back in before we release it to the customer than bring it back in after someone is upset about the way it feels/handles/looks etc.

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