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Does Sergeant make a seat for this?


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I'm training around 200 miles a week right now. Long weekend rides around 100 or so. It's the long rides that cause me to reflect on my choice of hobbies...


I see what you're saying, the seat is level. I actually tried to tilt it down for a period of time and that led to other "hot spots."

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Have you tried other saddles. There are an awful lot of saddle choices out there. I bought a bike recently which came with a saddle that is about 10 times as comfortable as any other saddle I've ever had on a bike, and it is reasonably light, too. Just some random Bontrager seat that came on a Trek bicycle.

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I moved around a lot on equipment before this bike. It seems that the longer horned saddles give me more room to wiggle and slide front to back depending on the pace. I'm starting to wonder if this isn't an issue of a mismatch between my saddle and my riding gear also. I wear tri shorts rather than bibs or bike shorts most of the time.

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Probably more of a mismatch between your rear and the shape and construction of the saddle.

If the saddle isn't right for you, the shorts won't matter much.


Given your Tri set up, tilting the saddle forward very slightly may help.


The nice thing about the Brooks saddles is that the leather molds to your shape, and it also isolates the vibration, and provides some give to isolate you from bumps.

Some of the carbon fiber shell saddles work similarly, not so much with the typical nylon shell saddles.


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