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not sure if this is ride planning or ride tale?


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This weekend my 16.5 year old youngest son takes the MSF Basic Rider Course. In GA, you cannot actually get your license until you are 17. but they let you take the course (normally at 16 and 9 months) and the certificate is good until you turn 17. Take your MSF certificate paper work to the GA Dept of Motor Vehicle and get your licenses. NO DMV exam or ride test. Anyway he is very nervous. He has been riding dirt since he was 10. He just finished the MSF intermedidate off road course and knows clutch, brake etc all very well. On the MX track he is even starting to get some air. I keep telling him he will be 50% ahead of most students as most will not even know what a clutch or "friction" zone is.


I think he is more worried about all the "rules". Signs, right of way questions, and just the written exam in general.


I had wanted to get him in the car and just drive around atlanta and have him tell me as we were moving what "is going on" to give some perspective to all the material he has read. But we never got it done.


I did find an on-line test application. It was very cool. I highly recommend it for your teenage drivers getting ready for any driving written exam.




I will let everyone know how he did on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for him this weekend. :-)

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