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Running cooler now


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I replaced my spark plugs with Autolight 3923 Double Platinum plugs and now the temp gauge is running at 5 bars instead of the usual 6 bars. I had regular 3923's before. Now it was 100+ in the Texas Hill Country last weekend and a few times the gauge showed 6 bars..but at speed it showed 5 most of the time.


Has anyone else found a drop in temp by changing plugs?


Also...how many miles do you get before you drop the top bar on the fuel guage?




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W. Mazelin

Both of the R bikes we have run 5 bars as normal temp on the gauge. They only go to 6 when slowed by traffic, etc. Have seen no changes from old to new plugs.

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I am sceptical that a change of plugs would cause that much difference. If both brands were operating correctly you should be achieving pretty much complete combustion so the temperature of the burn should be very similar.


As for fuel gauge bars, Many folk never ever see the top bar. Dependant on their sender unit, the cleanliness of their fuel tank to RID connectors, also dependant on how full they fill their tank. If mine is topped right of (and I mean REALLY toppers) I would get 15 miles for the first bar, thereafter it's pretty much 20 miles per bar.


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I haven't seen the top bar on my fuel gauge for at least a year now ('04 RT) I stopped cleaning the contacts, etc. and just don't worry about it anymore.


On the average, about 20 miles or so per bar, though.



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Chuck U Farley

I just did a valve adj and tb synch this weekend and installed new plugs pri: app3923 sec: ra6hc. I drove my rt to work today outside temp was about 90deg. I noticed that my temp gauge which normally reads 6 bars at highway speed now reads 5 bars. Not too worried as the bike has never ran better and isn't cooler usually a good thing.

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