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my weekend at Barber Motosport Park


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So, June 4 & 5 I was at Keith Code level III and IV. This was held at Barber Motorsport Park. I am sure many know and have riden this track, but it was the first time for me. What a great track. It was actually far more technical than I expected. The front straight is shorter than what I thougth it would be based on the web site.


It runs clockwise and has 14 turns. It is very balanced, 8 right and 6 left turns, wtih 4 varying length straights.



I never really got good in turn 4 & 5. Turns 6, 7 & 8 (they call it museum corner) was not my best. After some practice and a few tips from Ken Insley, I did very well on 1, 2 & 3. For my skill level I felt I strung those together very well


12, 13 & 14 got better all weekend but never got them as consistent as I would like. When I came out of 12 (right) I would not have good visual reference point, and I would end up inside for 13(right) which ran me wide going into 14 (left before front straight). There were times when I hit these three turnst and many times not. But I enjoyed the challenge of stringing these turns together.



Great facility and nice track. If you get a chance I would highly recommend it.

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That Ken is a pretty decent fellow.

Don't tell him I said so.


He can ride a bit too.


Glad you had a great weekend.

Best wishes.

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tuono, once you have a tuono on the track using an ST is just not happening. We had a fuel problem with the tuono, and I was 99.9% sure I had fixed the issue. but took the R1200st with me. Never even unstrapped the ST. The tuono ran like a dream and it pulls like a freight train. My 1999 BMW R1100s was twice the bike I was a rider. Now the Tuono is 4 times the bike I am rider. I see a trend, I get better bikes but I never improve :-)



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Without pics...it never happened. :grin:


What were your lap times?



Barber is a great facility...I love that whole 1/2/3 progression. Down the front straight, sit up, brake, dip the bike into 1 as the track falls away from you. Flick it right and search for the T2 apex. Bottom of the hill at T3 and the bike gets heavy. Spot the timing/scoring tower and power up over the hill onto the short straight leading into the horseshoe. Yeeefrickinhaaa!!!!

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first let's get some items straightened out

Lisa leaving the pit area going onto the start line leans more than I do :-)


so no pics, no video, no lap times will ever be provided. This is something I do just for me.


Two maybe I am taller, or just not picking out the right visual marker, but at the bottom of turn 3, I can just barely pick out the white of the rumble strip at the top of turn 3. So I just drove towards that. But next event at Barber maybe the tower will work for me, thanks for that suggestion.


My first two sessions, I apexed to early and to close to the rumble strip in turn 2. I eventually moved the apex down about 3 more feet, and moved the apex out from the rumble strip about 2 feet. For my pace and lean angle this gave me the drive out of 2 to hit my turn point for 3 and good drive up 3.


All of level 4 I worked on 2 step and wide view. This was a real problem for me. In turn 4 and 5 I could not maintain a wide view. I would come up 3 doing very well, then as I got closer to turn 4 I would get to narrow a focus on my turn in point and miss the whole turn view and the apex. I was also doing this on turn 12/13. Mostly on turn 13. I would come out of turn 12 (right hander) pretty well, and then start getting nervous and start narrowing my focus for turn 13 (another right hander).


When I kept a good view and had good turn points, 11, 12 13 & 14 all flowed very well. There were a few times I could hit the next gear up, going down the front straight, at least 5 - 6 meters earlier, then when I did not feel right. When that happened I knew I had hit it right and I was carrying really good speed into turn 1.


On turn 4 my other problem, even when I did seem to hit it better, I would keep a neutral throttle way to long. I had plenty of grip and decent stability in the bike to drive out of 4.


By the end of session 4 and 5 of level 4, my riding coach felt I had improved enough that he wanted to me to really work on throttle control next time.


For me the biggest lesson learned out of level III was keeping one knee always locked in. I know before that lesson/demo there were many times when I would have both knees away from the tank. That really resonated with me, and combined with the hook turn technique gave me some additional confidence in the turns.



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Keeping one knee locked was big for me as well. When it really sank in for me was L2 on the lean bike. Using both knees on the tank to keep you from sliding forward under braking was a big one for me as well.


Here is my post from when we rode 2 days at Barber a few years ago. There's a video link at the bottom of my first post. Check about the 14-second mark...you can just see the top of the timing/scoring tower come into view. That was my exit point RP for T3. Middle of the white curbing was the turn-in RP. beginning of the next white curbing was the apex RP, and about halfway to the apex, I'd spot the tower as my exit RP.

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Randy, it was great seeing you at Barber and being in the same group.

I spent some time making sure Brynda was comfortable, otherwise I would have hung out with you more and maybe rigged the GoPro up for the "proof" Russell is looking for.

FYI, there is always something to work on no matter how fast/good you get. The problem areas seem to move around the track on you as you tackle the previous one and get just a little faster.


If you ever feel you've got it down, you're not trying for improvement or you're about to crash :dopeslap:

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You guys are killing me! I had a barber day scheduled couple years ago and had to cancel. I have watched several AMA races on the track tho, and know the corners you are talking about.


Glad you had a good experience!

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Andy did great and had a really fun time. During Andy's session 4 he actually experienced a small problem with the tuono (easily fixed) but Andy was not sure what it was. He said "even if we have to stop now" it was worth it. I took the bike out for my session 5 and immediately knew what the problem was. I cam in and fixed the issue, and finished my session. Andy finished session 5 with the tuono running perfect.


Ken, if we get matched up for some track day I would love some video.


and yes, I do agree it never ends. I think that is the primary reason I love track days and riding schools. Basically no matter were you are, you can always make improvments. That fits my personality.


I am at roebling on June 27, July 17, and August 28. I maybe at Little Tally (Ed Bargy school) in Sept or early Oct. I love little tally and would like to get one more event in there, and possible one more at VIR. Maybe Jennings GP early November. Florida is still warm that time of year.

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Wow, lot's of track time for you Randy :clap:


I'm not interested in Roebling on my GS.


I would like to do Little Tally again, but I wish they would reverse directions after lunch, so we don't wear out only the left side of the tires. :dopeslap:


Let me know as your plans firm up for VIR and Jennings as I love both of those locations :thumbsup:


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