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fuel filter fuel pump lessons

rich t

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Left myself stranded Friday night and have to admit it was competely my fault.


Lesson 1:

When doing the external fuel filter mod, make sure you use high pressure SUBMERSIBLE fuel line. I originally used 50 psi, but realized that it was not submersible when I got my fuel pump out to find a frayed mess of what used to be a fuel line connecting my pump to fuel inlet. I was able to find higher pressure submersible fuel line at napa.


Lesson 2:

When doing the fuel filter mod, drop the extra $66 on the aftermarket Purolator Facet FEP 2042 fuel pump. Even though my mistake was Lesson 1. The first thing I thought when the bike died was "Why didn't I replace that stupid fuel pump while my garage floor was soaked with gasoline last time?".


Note: The fuel pump does require some type of spacer shims to fit. I used some of the SUBMERSIBLE fuel line and nylon zip ties to do this.


another Note: The above fuel pump also has flat electrical connectors vs the original BMW screw type. I elected to solder these connections.


Why aftermarket? The above fuel pump goes for $66 usd locally at NAPA. BMW lists the original for $350, others for $200. Got the parts locally and back on the road by Saturday afternoon.


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