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So how do you remove the ABS pump?


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That is, how do you remove it without busting up the plastic cover where the wires disappear into? I'm assuming they unbolt or unplug once you get the cover off, but after fiddling with it for a minute I realized I was too tired to mess with it tonight.


I kinda don't want to mess it up considering its value on the used market

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I'm sending you two pages with the repair manual diagram and instructions.


Here's the basics:

• Remove cover from ABS control unit, press

the lock in with a screwdriver and pull the cover

up. Discard the old cover.

• Detach wires.

• Pull off 2-pin plug.

• Pull off the central plug.

• Remove the ABS unit.

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Ahh.....I knew there was a trick to that cover. Thanks for the email. My first plan today was to check out the factory repair manual, but I hadn't pulled it up yet. I guess what threw me is that the diagram shows a hole in the cover to access the locking mechanism for the cover. Mine doesn't have a hole in it. I'll mess with it this evening and see what I can figure out.


Thanks again

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