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Does anyone have any familiarity with this welding equipment?


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Guy wants to trade me the stuff below for some tires I just took off the RT. I don't know how to weld or use torches but wouldn't ming learning.


Is this stuff worth the $85 I'm asking for the tires>


Any pointers?


Torch/Welding Equipment


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Looks like over $85.00 worth to me. I was torch shopping a while back and it seems to me TSC wanted around $130 for just basics of a cutting torch and a brazing tip and regulator. I think I'd go for it. Just my opinion.

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Definitely way over $85 worth of "stuff" in that image but I'm not convinced that it's the right size for your needs.

Looks a bit over-kill but I'm sure you can easily get your money back if you decide to sell it.

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May be "Victor" welding equipment. Usually they can be rebuilt if bad. If in good shape which is impossible to determine from a picture should be worth it. May have to buy some smaller tips for gas welding mufflers and pipes.

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Mister Tee

Just a word of caution, learn from a pro if it's an oxyacetylene setup. Those can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.

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Stuff is useless without regulators, and they are the pricy bits.


Me? I'd just sell the tires and buy a new small set.

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Looks like good stuff and plenty for the $$. But as the Previous poster says, If you are not experienced, it is dangerous. If they are in fact quality victor torches and regulators, they can in fact be rebuilt if not too old. In my shop, the reg parts I send out for rebuild... sometimes cannot because of obsolescence. I think I see flash arrestor which are a must now. The big long torch is very nice for some very hot work where you need the distance, My shop harly ever uses that torch but I have seen them used else where. The split body torch is a real good one and worth keeping if you are going to use this stuff.. the other smaller torch heads are good for brazing work and lighter work. Good set up if you want to learn, all you need are tanks. If it was me, I would take every thing to my trusted local Welding distributor house and have it checked out and or repaired. You certainly do not want one of those valves leaking or a ruptured diaphragm on a regulator and you cannot tell just by looking. He may be giving you $85.00 worth of headaches too.



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