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WMA TO MP3 Conversion Free?


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I would appreciate some help with this. I am trying to load up my newly aquired Zumo 550 with some Audiobooks. Our libraries, in their infinite wisdom give you WMA format audio files which the Zumo just plain ignores.

So I am looking for a software that converts WMA to MP3 for FREE. Really free, not something that lets you install and load up files and THEN tells you, you have to purchase to take the next vital step (Grrrrh)

I know some of you listen to audiobooks and may have run into the same (conversion required)issue.


Thanks in advance.

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While I have not personally tried it, I'm told that if you drag a WMA file into itunes it will ask if you want to conver it to mp3.

I've also heard that Windows Media Player will convert.

Hope this helps!

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Why you'd want to use anything other than iTunes is beyond me... (Unless your name is Killer.)

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Why you'd want to use anything other than iTunes is beyond me... (Unless your name is Killer.)


something tells me not to touch that one!


Thanks for your suggestions, I will try them and get prepared for that long trip to the left side - this time with Audiobooks for my entertainment.


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Joe Frickin' Friday

I rip with Exact Audio Copy. By itself, it will rip CD's and other formats to a *.WAV file, but it can also call upon an external MP3 encoder (see below) to create MP3's from those *.WAV files. It'll also call upon a database out there on the internet to automatically assign album names and track titles, assuming your CD is in its database already. If not, you can create names yourself that then get embedded in the MP3 files.


It will work with *.WMA files.


A common MP3 encoder that works in conjunction with EAC is LAME. Problem is that it's officially distributed in source-code format only; you'll have to hunt around for the EXE file you need. You can try some of these links.

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+1 on NCH... I use the switch file converter and so far unless the file is corrupt it has converted everything I have thrown at it.


The price is truly free with out any caveats.


Later on if you need to do MPS tags try MP3tag also free and will even bring in art work and imbed the info in the file.


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Thank you again.

I actually did try that Switch, NCH,and while it is really free, it wasn't able to get past the Audiobook encoded DMR, or something. Apparently it's some feature in the original file that prevents copying and/or converting.

Anyhow, I looked a little deeper into the library contents and found that there is a limited number of MP3 books. It'll have to to do for this year.

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I was about to suggest that you would encounter a DRM issue with this conversion.


There are technological ways to circumvent this, but they are illegal under US law, and probably won't work on a computer that has had a Microsoft update applied since 2006.


Some downloaded audiobooks will allow you to burn the files to unprotected audio CDs, so you can listen to them on a conventional CD player.





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