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Gas tank cap o-seal too big?


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97 R1100RT.

I've always struggled with the top two fairing screws either side of the top of the tank (nearest handle bars). Seems they just will not line up no matter how much thumping and aligning I do. To get them in well, I decided to remove the gas filler assembly.


Well now I can't get it back together. The cap seat that's fixed to the tank has an o-seal under it. Once I loosened this, the oseal now WILL NOT seat again. It's as though it's just a bit too big and won't go back in.


Anyone have this apart an back together again? Do these o-seals just expand with age?


This is the parts image. (The order of assembly is wrong here compared to BMW manual and Haynes.)




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The seal expands on contact with fuel. Leave it in a warm place to dry out and it will shrink back to the original size.



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FYI... I just bought one from the BMW dealer for $3.00. Also if you have a toaster oven cook it at about 250 and watch it shrink.... Yes it really works

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Glenn Reed
This interweb thing is just crazy. ;)


Thanks for the knowledge.


Ain't it though? :grin:


Hope this helps get your issue resolved. Folks here have built up a large amount of knowledge (not me) and are very happy to share.



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