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Memphis Brews, Blues & BBQ info needed


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Looking for some info on good places to spend time in Memphis. After 600 miles of two-lane, I'm gonna need a place to refuel.


1st, food. How about some serious BBQ? Hole-in-the-wall, finger-lickin' nirvana BBQ where it is all about the food.


2nd, beer. Ghost River Brewing and Bosco's in Overton Square rate well (on BeerAdvocate.com). Anyone have any personal experience?


3rd, music. A REAL blues club, not a touristy faux blues place. :Cool:


I appreciate your help feeding my addictions. :wave:

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Hidy... I am a native of Memp-phus but my recent departure... call it 45 years ago has left my data a bit stale.


The Rendezvous is good, reliable, old, and still gets a lot of publicity for good reason. If a basement downtown is not your thing go to Corky's out on Poplar Ave- East Memphis. One of the best.


Interstate is getting a lot of attention these days. I cannot tell you if Leonard's is still good but it was one of the ones that put Memphis BBQ on the Map.


Regarding blues clubs and Beale street... all I can say is that growing up there- we were not allowed to go to that part of town. I hear it may be different now that it has been turned into a tourist trap.

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When I left there 20 some years ago Beale Street was a tourist trap of blues clubs. Now I hear (from some locals) that area is not all that safe any more.


Caveat Emptor

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"If at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking till you do succeed"

My plan is to keep sucking 'til I hit bone!

Appreciate the info, all.

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