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What maintenance for a 51k RT that's new to me?


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My new to me 2004 RT has 51,000 miles. Previous original owner was a woman who meticulously changed engine, transmission and FD fluids herself but I don't know about other work.


The bike looks great and seems to run fine (what do I know...to new to BMW's).


But since I want to start running up some serious miles here pretty quick, I would like to get some maintenance items handled, hopefully by myself before I hit the road.


Can anyone suggest what maintenance they think should be done in this situation besides an oil change and valve adjustment?



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Afternoon film842


Without a history definitely bleed the brakes. That I-ABS system on your 04 is a different animal so it requires some work as the gas tank needs to be removed (look in the FAQ on the home page here for I-ABS bleeding info)


While you have the tank off might as well change the fuel filter just to be sure you have a personal baseline there.


Otherwise check the air filter & drain the oil from the air box (drain valve on bottom left rear of air box)


Give the rear wheel a good 12-6 & 9-3 shake to check for loose swing arm bearing & loose crown bearing.


I would ride it a while then do another final drive oil change taking care to look closely at the magnet then save & strain the gear oil through a coffee filter. (gives you an idea on how your final drive innards are doing)


Otherwise get a service sheet and go down the list checking things off as you get to them.


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One more item not on D.r.'s list......It might be due for a alternator belt. If you change it out, it is not a bad idea to carry the old one......Just in case.

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Thanks for the advice. I'm rounding up the tools and bits and pieces as we speak. I'm looking forward to learning how this bike works.


But not as much as I look forward to riding it. Today the sun came out in Oregon and I'll be on my knees in the garage wrenching away.


Oh well, next time the sun comes out, I'll be ready.

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This will be an unpopular answer here as most like to do self maintenance. If you are unsure of your BMW maintenance skills, you might consider asking a dealer to do a once over. Not necissarily have them do everything, but at least get their view. Even with virtually no skill or time you can change all the fluids. I'll send you everything you need for brake maintenance. If you took it in for routine service you would probably face about a $350 - 500 bill.

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