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Anyone converted RTP to RT Civilian?


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Just got '01 RTP1100

I like the look of the cop bike and the radio box is great for storage.

How much trouble is it to just take radio box off, hook up rear seat so she can ride, then put the box back on?

It has city saddlebags, kinda small, the radio box helps w room.

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The RTP uses a different rear subframe to the RT. You will need to buy the bits to convert (some dealers sell these as a kit). It is not just a case of switching the box for a seat and vice-versa.



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What would you tell your insurer?


"I'd like to modify my bike for the weekend".


A complete minefield, I'd stick to one or the other.

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Thanks guys, I was afraid of that.

She was with me when I bought the bike and she pointed to the radiobox, she asked, is that where i sit?

Of course I committed to changing it.

Starting to gather parts now.

I DO like the cop final drive over stock ratio.

Big boxer is quicker off the line.

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