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New R1200RT owner needs info sources


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I just bought an Ostra gray 2011 R1200RT, with about all the options except GPS and tire pressure monitor. It will be delivered in a couple days.


I'd like to learn more about the bike in the meantime, but I haven't found an online owners manual (for bike, electronic gadgets, etc.). I haven't found much on BMW's site. Any links you can suggest? Thanks!

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Did you look in the tank bag?


Sorry... just kidding. You're gonna love your new bike. Lots of good folks and help here.

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Ask your dealer for the owners manual that comes with your new ride. There is a separate manual for the alarm... Read it cover to cover. It is your most accurate source of information about the bike. Then read the internet, but don't take everything you read on-line as accurate.

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Welcome Jud. I can't point you to online resources but if you peruse the threads here you will learn much. Lots of wisdom. Again, welcome.

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