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identify this motorcycle


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I am guessing it is a two stroke "twingle", two cylinders with one combustion chamber.

Hint: I have a strong suspicion Paul Mihalka rode one at some time in the past.

Hint: There is a video of it running on You tube.


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Paul Mihalka

That is a Pannonia bike built in Hungary, but by the time it was built I was already riding my Matchless in Venezuela.

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I don't recall ever seeing an orange one.

My father had one, at one point is had a side cart. I have traveled in it as a child.

They came in P10 and P20 versions if I recall it without doing much research.

There is a black&white picture on my wall with this bike with my Mom and me sitting on the bike probably me not more than 6 months old.

Being a motorcycle fanatic I believe I was "made" on one of those motorcycle- pannonia.

I am humbled that such bike surfaced on this board.

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