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How complicated can we make it?


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My Tacoma is getting close to reach 80K, so I've decided to do some milestone type maintenance atthe end of June. I've had it for 23K truble free miles, with good gas mileage for a truck.


I figured a tune-up, including fuel/oil/air filter change, transmission flush and fill, maybe O2 sensors, and whatever else I can come up with.


Been looking online for spark plug options, and theer are a lot of choices, so I decided to just play it simple and get the very same brand it's got since they are still working great.


I went to pull one out today, and WTF! I would need to remove a lot of stuff to even get to what looks liek a metal retaines over the plugs!!! :dopeslap:


It's a 4 cylinder engine! how can you make a 4 banger so complicated???


Toyotas are good cars, but they are complicated.

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If it ain't broke don't fix it.


I'd agree, except that tune-ups keep stuff from going broke; like my wallet in regards to gas.

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I'm almost in the same boat you are. 2004 model Tacoma. I just replaced belts and hoses @ 60K. Will replace spark plugs soon, although mine is a six banger.

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Maybe complicated is by default to discourage DIY and force you to bring it to the dealer?


It does not require a masters of science to do it, just a lot more time than I thought and taking pics as the disassemble process is underway.


I will not pay for something like that.


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It could be worse. This is the procedure for changing spark plugs on a 4.6L 3V Ford engine. There are three different ways that the spark plug can break and leave pieces in the head and need to be extracted using different special tools. The breakage rate seems to be about 50%.



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Plese tell me they learned their lesson on the new 5.0 in the current Mustang. Not that I am drooling over thoses or anything. :S

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