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I bailed out of going to the 49'er Rally this past Memorial Weekend. While trying to save a little gas money, I still had the desire to go on a ride. My friends in the SCMA were putting on their annual Blazing Saddles ride, a two day event starting in San Juan Capistrano, spending Saturday night in Pahrump, NV and Sunday night in San Juan Bautista. At the very last minute, I thought I could join them for breakfast and then maybe ride the first day with the group.


I set the alarm for 5 am and, as usual, woke up on my own at 4:58. I was out the door at 5:30, waaay too early. I was supposed to meet the organizer, Dennis Even, at 6:30 to help check people in. Bravo Burgers is 5 minutes from my home. I rode up and down the coast in Dana Point, killing time and looking for the cheapest gas prices. All I could do was eat up 30 minutes. I thought I could spend the extra time cleaning my windscreen. As I arrived in the parking lot, there were already 6-8 bikes in the lot. I ordered my breakfast and sat down with a few friends and talked about the upcoming ride. I did get some strange looks when I shared my riding plan.


Dennis arrived shortly before 7 am, the official check-in time. We promptly check in 29 riders. After everyone checked it, I still hang around and chat with a couple of guys including our own Blake Anderson who is also Chairman of SCMA. I’m finally suited up and rolling about 8:45am.


The ride takes me south on I-5 to CA-76 to 79 to 78 through Julian. I miss my first turn through Borrego Springs, but I catch the second turn where I catch up with a group of four riders which include Dennis. After doing some extra sightseeing in Borrego Springs via the famous roundabout, I get to pass the group once again. I’m off through the desert, heading towards Mecca (California that is). After a nice ride on a bad road through Box Canyon, I cross I-10 into Joshua Tree National Park. Realizing I have no bars on my fuel gage, I retreat and go east on I-10 to Chiriaco Summit for gas. I push my way through Joshua Tree enjoying the relative light traffic.


I exit Joshua Tree at Twentynine Palms and continue north/northeast towards Amboy. It becomes windy and dusty out in the desert. I adjust by dropping my windscreen and hugging my tank bag to lower my wind profile. I cross I-40 and enter Mojave National Preserve stopping for gas once again in Baker.


Hwy 127 out of Baker towards Death Valley is very dusty and windy, but I am undaunted. I turn right at Shoshone and roll into Pahrump right around 5 pm. I grab a couple of friends and have dinner at the casino.


I don’t get out of the casino until about 7 pm. I’m hoping to reach Baker before dark and I just barely make it. I gas up again, my last gas stop before home. It’s dark and windy on I-15 and the temperature drops drastically. Unfortunately, I didn’t pack my electric liner. I stop again at Bartow and again at the Cajon Pass to load up on caffeine and sugar. However, drowsiness was not as much of a problem as the cold. I check my tankbag $4 thermometer and find that it’s in the high 40s, but it felt a LOT colder than that. I safely arrive in my garage shortly before midnight. As soon as I walk in the house, I head for the shower and stand in a hot stream for about 30 minutes. As I head off to bed, I find my wife in the exact same place where I left her this morning.


Total for the day: 786 miles.

Mechanical casualty de jour: Fuel gauge.

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