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1100RT heated grip repairs

Ingmar M.

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Hi all,


I'm new to the forum but I have been lurking for a while. I recently bought a '96 R1100RT which I absolutely love, my other bike is an '89 K100RT.


Anyway, this RT had a faulty left side heated grip. Inspection revealed that with the grip rubber being a bit loose it had obviously been twisted around a few times by the PO, breaking the nichrome wire.


I looked at replacements and they all seemed a bit pricey so I went to my local electronics store and bought a 4M pack of nichrome wire (13.7 ohms/metre) for $4.20 and some large diameter heatshrink tubing.


I pulled off the handgrip and cleaned up the remains of the old heating wire and paper that covers it. Then I wrapped just under a metre (ended up with about 11 ohms resistance) of new wire over the plastic grip. This was covered with a length of heatshrink tube to the full length of the grip. I then reterminated the wires, crimping to the nichrome as soldering it is a pain. Finally I applied some detergent to the inside of the rubber hand grip and slid it back on.


The result is a working heated grip with (must have been pure luck) the same temperature as my working throttle grip.


I have pictures, if I can figure out how to submit them!





Canberra, Oz.

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This shows just under 1M of new nichrome wire (about 11 ohms worth) wrapped ready to cover with heatshrink.


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This final shot shows the heatshrink protecting the newly wound nichrome wire and the piece of hookup wire running back to be terminated to the old wiring.


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Nice work. It's nice to see creative solutions so well executed. I wouldn't have thought of using large diameter heat shrink tubing, which strikes me as a brilliant solution.

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I'm going to try this! My left grip is dead. This thread should be a sticky on a tech page. Well done!!!

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