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New "flat" Touratech tank bag


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No WAY I was going to pay over $300 for the BMW stock bag. That's just plain ridiculous.


I balked at $175 shipped for the Touratech bag but as magnetic bags won't work (and I don't like the big floppy "dog ears" with the magnets in all over the tank anyway) and I don't like all kinds of straps all over the tank much better, the Touratech was about the only alternative to the BMW bag.


Got it today and got it on. They've got a good mounting system that isn't obtrusive and it's easy enough to mount and dismount the bag.


The only really negative comment I'd have is that the bag could be a little taller for more volume and to hold taller items, but it's got a plenty large detachable map pouch on top and now holds various smaller items I always used to have to fight with in the side cases. So it'll work out pretty well. At least it doesn't stick up real high and doesn't in any way block vision or interfere with turning the bars. Being it fits the countour of the top of the tank (somewhat wierd IMHO to start with) it doesn't look out of place or like an ill fitting universal bag. But it would have been nice if it had an expandable feature to make it taller when needed.

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Just a little suggestion. I have had the same bag for over 2 years. It has worked out great except I discovered early on the bag will scuff your tank paint between the rails when loaded with gear. My solution was simple, placed a small microfiber towel between the bag and tank. No more paint damage and you have a handy windshield cleaning rag when fueling up. Love the bag, perfect size for me.

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