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2 wheel shopping


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Good evening all, new to the forum. I've been riding motorcycles since I could walk, and street bikes for the last 11 years. 2 years ago I sold my Suzuki. I've missed riding ever since. I'm now looking to get back into the sport, on a BMW. I've done many track days and have that out of my system. I'm looking for reliability, good handling, comfortable ride.


Any recommendations? I am leaning towards the R models, and can spend no more than $6000. This bike will be a keeper for quite a while.


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Welcome. Are you looking for something sporty, something for touring, or a jack of all trades?


Any 2-up riding, and are you a big guy, little guy, or medium sized guy?

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Thanks for the welcome! Looking for a bike that I will commute to work with, and take some trips with the wife on the back. Jack of all trades I guess, but favoring sport. :grin:

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Keeping with the $6k number......You can't go wrong with either the RT or GS models. The RT has a nice fairing to protect you from the elements, while the GS has a nice long travel suspension to soak up the bumps on secondary roads. All depends on how and where you like to travel. You would probably have to look for either an 1100 or an 1150. I haven't really seen too many 1200 models drop down in to that price range yet. The ones that have, you probably don't want. They might not seem too sporty at first, but they will really amaze you once you start hammering one through some twisties.


I am also a HUGE fan of the R1200ST, but you might have a hell of a time finding one. They are getting to be a pretty rare bird, and never really caught on here in the states.

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Welcome to the forum, BMW makes a great motorcycle.


I think Keith was asking about how tall you are because some BMW models can be tough to handle for vertically challenged people, they can be very tall bikes. I love my 2002 1150RT but had to get a low seat to feel comfortable. Most early to mid 2000 models can be had in your price range.

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