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N. California next week?


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I am planning a trip for N. CA. next week. At this point I am thinking of going to Lake Tahoe on Sunday this will be about 600 mi. On Monday I was thinking of going up the Sierra’s and over to Red Bluff and Highway 36. I would like to know what the weather is like i.e. what do I need to pack? Are the roads-passes open? I am also looking for routes there and for the return trip. I need to be back home (S. ID.) by Thursday. Thanks as always.

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36 is awesome. But if weather is typical, don't be surprised if you want a cooling vest in Red Bluff and your Gerbings when you get to the coast. OK, I exaggerate, but only a little bit. The climate changes dramatically as you go west.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

After tornadoes in the Valley and snow in the mountains yesterday, next week should be easy :rofl: to predict.


For now, I'd guess good weather. Mountains in the upper 60's in the daytime.


No passes south of 88 are open yet. www.dot.ca.gov will have any updates but, I don't expect any in the next week.


Pretty much everything north of Tahoe is open road wise except 89 over Lassen. My guess on that is late July.

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I was on the 36 last Wednesday the 25th of May, A wonderful ride, Camped out at Forest Glen and woke to cold rain at 5:15 AM , made coffee in the shelter of my tent than SKEDADDLED in case the Snow Gods were still following me

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